Queen Creek Irrigation & Drainage District

Constructed in 1985, the Queen Creek Irrigation and Drainage District (QCIDD) services nearly all of the city of Queen Creek and its neighboring areas; as well as supplementing the Chandler Heights Citrus irrigation. QCIDD stretches east from Power Road to Schnef Road, and south from Germann Road to Hunt Highway, encompassing around 23,000 acres, 16,000 acres of which are irrigable. Fed mostly by groundwater, but amplified by Central Arizona Project (CAP) water, the QCIDD has constructed a ‘cast-in-place’ pipeline for their waterways (meaning the ‘canals’ are piped, underground). Currently, there is a three member Board of Directors heading the District, and there are two-full time employees and one part-time employee at the QCIDD office.


On-Call General Engineering Services

GEORGE CAIRO ENGINEERING, INC (GCE) is currently working with QCID in support of their urbanization impacts program. This involves the coordination and due diligence for the United States Bureau of Reclamation review and permitting approval process for impacts to federally owned interest. GCE developed collaboratively with the District a permitting and federal due diligence review and assistance program. Relocations or modifications to the Districts facilities due to development and urbanization are reviewed by GCE for compliance with federal permitting requirements for acquisition, abandonment, relocation and or facilities modification.

Map of District

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George J. Cairo, P.E.
1630 South Stapley Drive
Stapley Center, Suite 117
Mesa, Arizona 85204
480.921.4087 (Fax)
602.690.6661 (Cell)

Burt Hatch, General Manager
Queen Creek Irrigation District
P.O. Box 690
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
480.987.3192 (Fax)

District Website

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If you have further questions, comments or concerns regarding this district please contact Mr. Burt Hatch (contact information shown above).