Imperial Irrigation District

Established in 1911 under the California Irrigation District Act, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is a community-owned utility that provides irrigation water and electric power to the lower southeastern regions of California's desert. By 1922 IID had acquired thirteen mutual water companies; all of which had developed and operated distribution canals in the Imperial Valley. Residents of the Imperial and Coachella Valleys began to recognize the need for supplemental water supply from the Colorado River; thus, the Colorado River Compact of 1922 was passed. With the passing of the bill, construction on the Hoover Dam and the All-American Canal began. Since then water has been diverted at Imperial Dam on the Colorado River through the All-American Canal, all of which IID is responsible for operating and maintaining.

Today, Imperial County is the ninth largest county in California (4,284 sq. mi.), making the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) one of the largest water distributors in the state. The IID's organization is divided into eight divisions, which are governed by a five-member board of directors elected by the public. With a rich agricultural background present in the county's history, IID is able to provide over 1,000 jobs. IID's main purpose is to supply irrigation water and electric power to farmers and residents throughout the lower southeastern areas of California.


On-Call General Engineering Services

GEORGE CAIRO ENGINEERING, INC. (GCE) has served in multiple capacities and delivered many projects for the Imperial Irrigation District over the last 8 years. Past projects include general civil design, project scheduling, updating CADD standards, Wetland development and design, hydraulic studies, funding applications, design criteria development and other. GCE has worked with multiple departments within the IID and has developed a good working relationship with these departments. GCE has had an on-call Construction and Maintenance Section Service Agreement and currently GCE has On-Call Service Agreements with the IID Energy Department and IID Water Engineering Department.

GCE also supports the IID Water Department in their management of urbanization impacts inclusive of permitting, planning, design, and construction services efforts. GCE has developed strategies to evaluate urbanization operations and maintenance impacts inclusive of negotiating as an owner agent with developers.

Representative GCE projects completed for the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District include the following:

  • Standard Details and District Master Specifications
  • Engineering Services Section Master Project Scheduling
  • Check Gate and Delivery Aluminum Slide Gate Structural Analysis and Design Modification
  • Drainage Sump Pump Standard Shop Drawings and Pump Specifications
  • Update District CADD Standards
  • Imperial Unit Maintenance Manual
  • Drainage System Modeling and Impact Analysis
  • Federal Stimulus Grant Applications for Water Conservation Projects
  • Rose Pump Station Upgrade Design
  • Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) Efficiency Conservation Definite Plan
  • Finney-Ramer Wetland Site Alamo River Drop Structure Design
  • NR 19 Constructed Wetland Conceptual and Final Design
  • South Alamo Canal State Route 7 (SR-7) Crossing Dual 60-Inch Siphon
  • Brawley Bypass Stages II and III, Impacted Irrigation and Drainage Facilities Design
  • All-American Canal Lining Project (AACLP)
  • Managed Marsh Mitigation Project Construction Staking
  • 230 KV KN/KS Transmission Line Tubular Pole Upgrade Project
  • High Voltage Transmission Line Structure Survey for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Transmission Line Airborne Mapping Survey
  • 230 KV Power Line Upgrades Right-of-Way Determination and Land Acquisition
  • FAA Survey Certification
  • Substation Topographical Surveys and Grading Plans
  • Energy Gas Turbine Generation Station Construction Management Services
  • Inspection Services for Central Drain No. 6 Pipeline

Map of District

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Mike Pacheco, Water Manager
Imperial Irrigation District
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Ismael Gomez, Engineering Services
Imperial Irrigation District
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Imperial, CA 92251

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