Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project (Gila Rivier Indian Community)

The Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project (PMIP) is the agricultural component of the Gila River Indian Community's Master Plan for Land and Water Use. Under this Master Plan is the development of a large distribution system designed to convey 173,100 acre-feet of water annually to 146,300 acres if rehabilitated existing agricultural lands and new agricultural lands as part of a Indian Water Rights Settlement. This distribution system will consist of open channel conveyance, check structures, flow measurement structures, turnouts, settling basins, siphons, road crossings, pump systems, wells, and multiple other irrigation delivery components. This monumental project is currently the single largest agricultural development project in the United States and will take many years to complete.


On-Call General Engineering Services

GEORGE CAIRO ENGINEERING, INC. (GCE) has an extensive history of providing irrigation engineering and related services on PMIP for the Gila River Indian Community. These services have been on an on-call as needed basis and also through competitive bid opportunities. GCE has supported this project from planning phases through the design and construction of Main System Canals and Laterals in the Blackwater Area inclusive of the Pima Canal rehabilitation, which is the main stem that brings water resources onto the Community. This is an operations based system wide design which is the first of it's kind versus the traditional capacity based designs. GCE has also supported many other facets of the project including right of way lands acquisition, utility relocations, design build components, Overhead Electric relocation planning, On-Farm impact mitigation design, Permitting, Operational Hydraulic Modeling, development of project design criteria and standards. Development of renewal energy and canal micro hydropower is a recent addition to the services to PMIP.

Representative GCE projects completed for the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District include the following:

  • Main Canal Reach IA - Rehabilitation and Lining Project Design
  • Main Canals Right-of-Way Surveys and Parcel Maps
  • Main Canal Reach IA Utility Pole Relocation
  • Southside Canal Reach II - Rehabilitation and Lining Project Design
  • Southside Canal Flood Protection System Rehabilitation Design
  • Joint Works Lateral Improvements Design
  • Joint Works Laterals Right-of-Way
  • Blackwater Reach III - Southside Canal Santa Cruz Siphon Scour Analysis
  • Reach IA Lining Private Irrigation Facility Relocation Project
  • Reach IA Pima Feeder Canal Lining and Siphon Realignment Design
  • Pima Canal Chute Rated Section
  • Pima Canal Reach BW-IA Sediment Basin Design
  • Sediment Management System
  • Skousen Road Canal Bridge Design Build
  • Alignment Study Blackwater Area
  • Blackwater Area Main Canals Preliminary Design
  • North Side Alignment Study
  • 80 ft and 60 ft Span Vehicular Pre-stressed Canal Concrete Bridges
  • Canal Trash Removal and Collection Systems

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Dave DeJong, P.hD, Director
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